18 August 2015

Royal Repeats of the Day: August 18

Princess Anne, Princess Royal and Queen of Outfit Repeats, celebrated her 65th birthday this weekend. We're marking her big day with three outfits that exemplify the most remarkable part of her personal style: the ability to dig way, waaaayyyy back in her closet.

Sometimes she shakes things up between repeats...
Trooping the Colour, 1980 

35 years later: Ascot 2015 
...and sometimes you wish she wouldn't, because a hat change like this is not necessarily for the better. (Not to worry, she still has the original hat - she wore the ensemble to Ascot in 2011).

It's kind of remarkable that she's sometimes better off sticking with the original, actually. She has her own brand of stylishness in a certain way.

29 years later: Christmas 2012
I would argue that Russian Winter Princess is a look for the ages, for example.

Then again...
Wedding of the Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer, 1981

27 years later: Wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman, 2008
...some things are best left to fester in the decade whence they came.

There's a sneakiness to this sartorial strategy, though, because even when she pulls a real clunker out of storage, she still comes out ahead. I mean, we're still talking about the fact that she can fit in decades-old clothes, aren't we? Anne always wins.

Photos: via Getty Images