28 September 2015

Royal Celebration of the Day: September 28

The Dutch royal family marked the closing of the celebrations for 200 years of the Kingdom of the Netherlands this weekend, led by King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima.
Someone's mighty cheery, considering she apparently survived an attack of throwing stars on her way to the theater. (I have to say, though I don't care for this rendition of these decorations - which I suppose are butterflies, though you won't convince me they aren't deadly - ModeKoninginMaxima shows a version from Natan that is infinitely better.)

Honestly, the biggest disappointment for me is that Queen Máxima didn't find a way to wiggle more bling into the occasion. Thank goodness Princess Beatrix knows what's up, sneaking in a diamond rivière and some citrines.

Multiple family members were present for the event, but proving that simple elegance is all you need to rise above the crowd, Princess Irene is the one I need to call out here. This is Addy van den Krommenacker couture and it is A+, no?

Click here for a gallery with more from the celebration.

Photos: via Getty Images, Twitter