01 September 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: September 1

Prince Carl Philip are Princess Sofia are back from the summer holiday and their honeymoon, and they're getting right down to business. The Duke and Duchess of Värmland headed first to - where else? - Värmland for a two day visit.
I have to admit that none of those outfits really grabbed me, and I'm just sort of clinging to the hope that those earrings were at least fabulous up close. The visit was pretty charming anyway.

But then they joined Queen Silvia to open the Royal Palace's new exhibit featuring the fashion of the late Princess Lilian, and I got real interested real quick. (In the ladies' outfits, I mean. Carl Philip wore a suit.)
Purple-y*? Slightly retro-y on Sofia? Now we're speaking my love language.

*I know the dresses on Sofia and Silvia look blue in other pictures. You sssssh and let me have my purple moment, mmmkay?

Here's a video on that exhibit, by the way. The narration is Swedish but couture visuals need no translation.
Designs for a Princess - The Lilian Look! opened in time to mark what would have been Princess Lilian's 100th birthday on August 30th. If you need a refresher on who the lovely Lilian was, click here.