21 September 2015

Royal Returns of the Day: September 21

It's nice to see an appropriate level of enthusiasm when one is returning to the royal rounds, isn't it?
Prince Harry, birthday boy last week, is back on the royal scene and bearded to boot. Among other engagements, he attended the opening ceremony of the Rugby World Cup on Friday. His blue suit was so lonely without him.
 Click here to watch the opening video
Added bonus: Harry, Vice Patron of the Rugby Football Union, made a sneaky cameo in the opening ceremony video! Bearded Harry or clean shaven Harry, the choice is yours.

Now, as you know, nothing brings the royals together quite like sportsball, so Harry had no trouble rounding up some friends to come along for the ride. Speaking of blue suits...
Ye, the Cambridges are back too. We've been running low on new coat debuts during Kate's absence, so she got right to work filling our quota with this sharp and bright Reiss number.
Lucky for me (and my wallet), I didn't find out they made it in lilac until it was already sold out.

Photos: via Getty Images, World Rugby screencap, Reiss