11 September 2015

Royal Style Twin of the Day: September 11

Just a few weeks ago, I said that if anyone was going to make a jumpsuit at a black tie event work, it would be Princess Charlene, who wore a red Valentino jumpsuit to the Red Cross Ball.
Queen Máxima attended the opening of 
the new season of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra last night
To which Queen Máxima has apparently replied: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. 
Same Valentino jumpsuit as Charlene wore, from the Resort 2015 collection
The weird thing about this jumpsuit is - and this is coming from someone with a low tolerance for jumpsuits on the whole - I feel entirely too meh about it. A red jumpsuit is a statement if there ever was one, but I'm still more interested in the ruby and diamond earrings than the rest of the look. Mostly I'm just glad it's not culottes, which sadly reappeared this week. (And the true purpose of the culottes is revealed: to make everything else look good in comparison. She is SNEAKY.)
Video: Queen Máxima's entrance
One thing does concern me: is this going to spread to our other Valentino aficionados? Is everyone going to start feeling groovy? (No, Mette-Marit. NO.)

Photos: via Getty Images, Valentino