29 September 2015

Royal Team of the Day: September 29

As someone who prefers Prince Harry in either casual gear or uniform, I am all about this month's run of engagements. The casual gear has been particularly plentiful, including another team up with the Cambridges for some more rugby this weekend. The match was England v. Wales, or Harry (rooting for England) v. William (rooting for Wales).
The winners were: William's team and Kate's floral trousers, which are a nice break from Breton stripes for sporting events (at least, if one isn't going to take the opportunity for jeans or full team gear).

And then, making a surprise visit to The Duke of York's Royal Military School yesterday, Harry fulfilled the other half of my favorites list.
It was what I needed on a Monday, and - go figure - it's what I need on a Tuesday too.

Photos: via Getty Images