18 September 2015

Royal Trip of the Week: September 18

King Felipe and Queen Letizia have been in the United States for an official visit this week, and as you might imagine, we have a mix of business best by day and intrigue by night in the wardrobe department. (For Letizia, of course. Felipe wore suits.) A trio of trip ensembles:

House of HM The King / Official White House Photo by Pete Souza
With a white blazer over a new Felipe Varela black and white print dress for day 1 (which included their visit to the White House), Letizia found a black and white combination that I can get excited about. Can we ship this to Sweden next year around this time?
House of HM The King / Felipe Varela

The trip also gave us a few evening outfits, mainly of the squint-and-head tilt variety (for me).
Day 1, on Capitol Hill and the Spanish Embassy
A new Nina Ricci outfit with a top and pencil skirt in navy bouclé tweed with sequins is a texture extravaganza that might be overdoing it, throwing itself into dish scrubber-esque territory. (Nicole Kidman also wore this top with the skirt from the runway version.)
Nina Ricci separates from day 1 (Runway: Vogue.com, Top: Barneys)

Later on, things took a flapper turn.
Yesterday in Florida (where the trip will finish up), visiting Miami Dade College and the Spanish Film Festival
It's not that I don't like Letizia in Sassy Mode - because I certainly do - but these events seemed to involve an awful lot of business suits for a dress that brings along party atmosphere to spare. Eh. Not a bad thing to give the sartorial seesaw a little tip towards the overdressed side, anyway.

P.S.: The weekly tidbits post is moving back to Sunday now that more royals are back in action! See you this weekend...