30 September 2015

Royal Trips of the Day: September 30

When the UN General Assembly kicks into gear in New York City, the royals come running. Queen Silvia and Queen Rania popped up in our Sunday Tidbits, and today we have a couple more to add to the list.

Queen Máxima, Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for the UN, was there as always to turn in her annual report. (She even brought along King Willem-Alexander, who addressed the General Assembly.)
Among her outfits: this repeated Bottega Veneta dress, which is kindly providing a home for a once perky peplum to live out its final, shriveled days.

Crown Princess Mary also spent a few days in NYC on a working visit. Two outfits:
A slim Signe Bøgelund-Jensen dress in a light print is pretty much the Mary Uniform at its most classic, no?

This, on the other hand, has some potential. Needs to be seen again, but consider me interested. (Clearly a deciding factor for Mary, so I thought I'd make that clear. Obvs.)

Signe Bøgelund-Jensen (left) and Bottega Veneta (center, right)