06 October 2015

Royal Color Scheme of the Day: October 6

They usually end up united by their mutual favorite designer, but even though they varied their labels yesterday, our Benelux queens remained united by color.

Queen Mathilde was on state visit duty, welcoming the President of Turkey to Belgium.
This repeated Ann Demeulemeester is not actually that shiny, but it's probably a good idea to go even more matte than this when faced with a whole lotta camera flash. I think the strong blue, which is perfect on her, is really our saving grace here. (Oh, and it doesn't appear this visit will include a fancy state banquet, alas.)

Also picking up those bright blue vibes was Queen Máxima, who met with the President of Rwanda. Her repeated dress is from Dutch brand LaDress.
We all know that Máx's love for a voluminous sleeve knows no bounds, but this is one of the only (if not the only) daywear versions I'd happily take home with me. But when it comes to this color? Well, they can all come home with me.