02 October 2015

Royal Flashback of the Day: October 2

I'm in the mood for some tiaras. (As always.) We're scheduled to have some of those in the weeks coming up, because we're entering heavy state visit season, but why wait? Let's flashback to some proper princess grandeur today. And if we can get some purple and some Elie Saab in there while we're at it...

Ahhhh, that's better. Crown Princess Victoria first wore this purple Elie Saab gown (shown on the runway in a yellow shade) to the Nobel Prize Ceremony in 2009. The basic shape is, well, basic, but its interest comes from its most questionable feature: a surprisingly large protuberance ruffle over the shoulder and down the back.

The Nobel appearance included the necklace, earrings, and a brooch from Queen Josephine's Amethyst Parure, but Victoria stuck the Six Button Tiara on top. Naturally, this made me long for the correct amethyst tiara instead.

I only had to wait a few years to get what I wanted:
Repeating the dress at the dinner before King Willem-Alexander's inauguration in the Netherlands in 2013, it's a wash of purple and it's delicious as can be. It's not the first dress that I would pick for tiara events (precisely because of that back ruffle, which complicates the dress when a tiara occasion is going to complicate things with orders and jewels and whatnot anyway), but she's done it in grand style.

Photos: Nobel Prize screencap, Vogue.com, via Getty Images