13 October 2015

Royal National Day of the Week: October 13

A new Felipe Varela outfit for Letizia? Must be National Day in Spain. (Could also be any number of other days, to be fair. But this time it was National Day.)
The King and Queen of Spain hosted a reception on Spain's National Day yesterday.
This is kind of kicky, no? I like this neckline and sleeve style on her, and the trim saves it from being just another plain dress. I'm all on board, except for...
Earlier, they were joined by the Princess of Asturias and Infanta Sofia (both dressed in Nanos) for the military parade. Photo: House of HM the King
 ...the blazer added outside, which is a little boxy when worn open like that and gets in the way of that center line. Boxy is not what I equate with typical Letizia Style.
Fancy earrings, however, are peak Letizia Style, and the best bit of all.

While we're on a Spanish subject, I feel the need to inform you that Letizia has a new cape! I'm always here for your Breaking Cape News.
Video, above; see here for a gallery.
She busted out her new wool Hugo Boss coat while visiting Dusseldorf on Friday for the opening of an exhibition on Spanish painter Francisco de Zurbarán. Underneath, she wore a repeated Hugo Boss LBD and green amethyst earrings from Coolook. It's a very dashing look.
Hugo Boss
It's also a very savvy look, and you know why, right? Hugo Boss is a German label. Sneaky Letizia, always on point.