26 October 2015

Royal Outfit of the Day: October 26

As they do every year, the King and Queen of Spain headed of Oviedo for a few days of engagements, all surrounding the main event: the Princess of Asturias Awards ceremony. Sartorially speaking, it tends to be a highlight in Letizia's year (and in Felipe Varela's year too, since the designer usually provides a new outfit for her). So it is in the past, and so it is in the present:

House of HM the King
This year's dress is a scroll-down party, all prim and proper up top, just a black sleeveless dress with some belt action, but flirty at the end, with tiers of silk cady in shades fading from black to white.

House of HM the King
And flirty it is, with a movement that is downright flippy, if you see what I mean. (You should see what I mean - click here to see the arrival on video, plus the rest of the ceremony if you like.) The slight asymmetry of the back hem dipping below the front doesn't make much sense standing still, but makes all the sense when you see it in motion.
Note that the pearl necklace she wears is actually attached to her the zipper area so that it sits just right on the neckline.

Actually, the part of Queen Letizia's most worth noting is not the dress, new though it may be. It's all about the pearls.
CasaRealTV screencap
Her huge pearl necklace is thought to be the Russian set of pearls given by Alfonso XII to his bride, Maria de las Mercedes of Orléans, as a wedding present in 1878. Maria de las Mercedes passed away just five months after marrying the King. But her pearls, originally a length of 41 pearls later shortened to 37, have remained with the Queens of Spain. They were included in the list of jewelry Queen Victoria Eugenia designated the joyas de pasar, the jewels that are passed from queen to queen. The list includes some of the most important pieces the Spanish royal family has, including the Fleur de Lys Tiara, and these pearls are considered by some to be the most valuable. It's the first time Letizia has worn any of those jewels. Either a subtle way to inch into it or a mega splash, depending on your point of view.