07 October 2015

Royal Parliament Openings of the Day: October 7

Denmark and Norway have joined the ranks of royals attending to the business of opening their respective parliaments, and now we shall attend to the business of reviewing their parliament opening sartorial business. (Got it? Good.) It's the two queens in red that need our greatest attention here, methinks.

The Danish royal family attend the opening of Parliament in Copenhagen as guests, watching the proceedings from their box, and the usual crew did so yesterday: Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie, and Princess Benedikte.
Billed-Bladet video screencaps
Most of this, I must say, is fairly snooze-worthy (except Marie's purple hat, but I'm really just wishing the rest of the outfit had lived up to the hat's sassy potential). Even Mary went with a sedate black and gray palette. You know what does interest me, though? The fact that Queen Margrethe choose this outfit - this warm, autumnal red - to pair with her vibrant turquoise brooch and earrings. (I didn't necessarily say it was the good kind of interest.)

Click here for video, and here or here for galleries.

Their Nordic neighbors in Norway attended their opening of Parliament on Friday. Crown Princess Mette-Marit doesn't attend this event, but Queen Sonja and Crown Prince Haakon were present as usual while King Harald read the speech from the throne. (He accidentally skipped a page of the speech at one point and just kept rolling on. Oops.)
Photo: Morten Brakestad / Stortinget via Creative Commons. Click here for a gallery.
Queen Sonja likes a color scheme of black and/or red and/or white for this event, and this year's outfit fell right in line, though it does make me question the date on this number a little more than I have in other years. But really, this is all about that hat.
Photo: Morten Brakestad / Stortinget via Creative Commons
That hat! It has a certain...planetary flair to it, no? I've decided that this is what became of someone's solar system model from the school science fair, and I don't care to hear any different. Always reusing, those royals.