19 October 2015

Royal State Visit of the (Last) Week: October 19

Queen Mathilde made up for a lackluster opening outfit for her Polish state visit last week with a double tiara appearance on day 1. She continued to bring it on day 2, so let's catch back up with the Belgian couple and see how they finished out their trip:

Ahhhh. A muuuuuch better day outfit this time around. This is a repeat from an earlier trip to Italy with a new matching hat added, and it is peak elegance. Added bonus: brooch action!

Photo: Belgian Monarchy Twitter
For the evening event on day 2, Mathilde made a successful play on volume with this striking red gown. This outfit comes with another added bonus: more jewels from Queen Fabiola! Her multi-colored earrings are from what is typically called the Tunisian set, and they mix green and red jewels (here they are on Fabiola). Mathilde has worn these since 2013, before Fabiola's passing. These gems are a matter of personal taste, but when used right, they really shine. And this qualifies as the right kind of use in my book. Gorgeous. (Click here for a gallery from day 2.)

And on the third and final day, the Queen delivered a sneak peek of my upcoming game show, Máx or Mathilde? Take away the face, and sometimes you just can't tell the difference. Meanwhile, this is yet another time when a politician or spouse warrants a rare comment here, because First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda is killing me with her chic little tartan wrap. Print this out and mail it to all our royal shawl lovers, because that's how it's done. (Click here for a gallery from day 3.)