29 October 2015

Royal Trip (and Royal Sash) of the Day: October 29

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel continued their South American trip in Colombia last week, where Victoria continued to hit it out the park, maternity-style, drawing from ASOS Maternity and Seraphine in particular. And this continues to be a wonderful surprise for those of us that followed her through the Estelle pregnancy, so let's celebrate with a few highlights:

I do love a bold floral print, something a little different than the occasional upholstery effect you can get with florals.

Remember when I said, at Prince Nicolas' christening, that I liked Victoria's Seraphine dress even better with the matching coat? WELL HERE WE GO.

Photos: Kungahuset.se
You know I love these prints. I can't help it. And I actually even like the addition of the bow on the dress (which The Royals and I confirmed from Seraphine is something Victoria added after buying the jacket from them. Maybe she borrowed it from Estelle).

Back home, Princess Sofia had a big first moment in her royal life: her first time wearing her sash and star from the Order of the Seraphim! And...it looks like she's new to this, basically.
Carl Philip and Sofia attended the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences' Formal Gathering on Friday. These formal gatherings include white tie and orders but do not include tiaras for the royal women.
Wearing the star on your chest is something you see occasionally (in Spain, for example), but not in Sweden, where the ladies wear the star at the waist and their portrait brooch from the King on their chest (Sofia, who debuted that honor at Prince Nicolas' christening, left hers off for the night). And the sash is usually more at the hip and not so much in front. Just a leeeetle bit off, you see. These things must be weird to wear at first, but a quick chat with her mother-in-law or sisters-in-law would fix this right up. The dress, on the other hand, is gorgeous, so points for that. Her next sash-wearing occasion should be next week for the state visit from Tunisia, so we'll see...