11 November 2015

Royal Color Scheme of the Day: November 11

Two leather looks, both alike in color...

Queen Letizia held audiences on October 30.
In the Spanish corner: a BOSS Hugo Boss leather sheath, worn previously with a blazer but allowed to run the show on its own this time around.
Hugo Boss, via Nordstrom

Crown Princess Mette-Marit, with Crown Prince Haakon, celebrated the 150th anniversary of the Norwegian Red Cross on November 4.
In the Norwegian corner: a burgundy leather skirt and top from Norwegian label Mariette. She's separated these separates in the past, but she's most fond of wearing them together.

So: Spain or Norway? The choice is yours. (And mine, and I say...well, I'm more of a leave-the-leather-to-the-accessories kinda gal. On the other hand...
Queen Letizia delivers the Spanish flag to the National Police yesterday.
Photo: House of HM the King
...I'd take this Felipe Varela every day of the week and twice on Sundays. But I have rhapsodized about that in the past.)