06 November 2015

Royal Duo of the Day: November 6

First things first: Queen Máxima is back! She ventured out after her recent hospital stay to team up with Crown Princess Mary for the 3rd World Conference of Women's Shelters in The Hague this week.
She looked great in a flattering version of her beloved orange and gray combo from Natan with jewels in diamonds and multiple colors of pearls. (Click here for a full gallery. That gallery also includes King Willem-Alexander having the time of his life at an engagement involving dogs - are you even allowed to have a royal title if you're not a dog person? - and you certainly want to see that.)

My delight in seeing a well-looking Queen M is very nearly surpassed by my love for the coat Crown Princess M wore on arrival, plus the matching skirt she wore underneath. I neeeeed Mary's coat. A good pink coat has powers, I tell you.
My new coat goal is from Finnish label Andiata, per Tesouras & Tiaras Twitter

Crown Princess Mary also attended the second day of the conference.
Another outfit with simple lines, and one that could feel very stark but feels just about right in this context.

Finally, while we purposefully keep it light and clothes/jewel-oriented around here about 95% of the time, they were there to speak out against violence against women and their speeches on this important cause are worth a listen. See Queen Máxima's here, and Crown Princess Mary's here.