20 November 2015

Royal Fashion Awards: National Day in Monaco

That Monaco bunch, they sure know how to give us some stuff to talk about on National Day. It's their big annual day in the sartorial sun, and they make it worth our while. Just a few awards of note from the day events (which includes a cathedral service followed by appearances at the palace):

Best in Time Travel
Princess Charlene in Akris
You know how sometimes you go to your closet in the morning and you find yourself torn between sleekness of your Star Trek uniforms and the flair of your 1920s throwbacks? Happens all the time. Well guess what, kids: PROBLEM SOLVED.
Also: What to do when National Day just can't handle your new pixie cut? HAIR PRISON, that's what. This ensemble is a problem solver all around. And unexpectedly caps lock-y, too.
On the balcony with Jacques and Gabriella, who will celebrate their first birthdays soon.
See a video here.

Most Froof
Princess Caroline in Chanel
And you thought Valentino was the only one with a dust ruffle fetish. The fabric gives this one the gravitas it needs, ruffles and all. (Also, the anti-froof: Princess Stephanie! A surprise front runner in simple but bold red.)

Best Play on My Weaknesses
Beatrice Borromeo
With Pierre Casiraghi, a thrown together Charlotte Casiraghi, and a lovely Princess Alexandra
Granted, I have major weaknesses for Beatrice's style and for recent royal brides and for pink earrings, but I think she wins the day regardless. This is a chic ensemble (which I suspect is Armani, and which amusingly sports a dust ruffle of its own), nicely done without being overly done. It leaves the flash to the Köchert earrings Beatrice wore for her civil wedding, which were reported to have been a gift from Princess Caroline. Magnificent.
The earrings in morganite, diamonds, and white gold, by Köchert. If they were mine, I'd wear them everywhere too...

Click here for a gallery of the day's events, including the Duchess of Castro solving the age-old problem of which black and white pattern is best by opting for all of them. 

Photos: via Getty Images, Bunte video, Köchert