19 November 2015

Royal Outfits of the Day: November 19

Time for another update from Maternity Land...
The King and Crown Princess Victoria held a meeting of the Advisory Council and met with the Minister for Justice and Migration on Tuesday.
Photos: Kungahuset.se
I still like these check prints, and in other news, the sky is blue. We saw this last time with a white jacket, which I think I prefer to the black. Still, a can't-go-wrong outfit.

She's building a closet of can't-go-wrong maternity dresses this time around, and yesterday she debuted another:
Yesterday, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Värmland.
As long-time readers will know, SHOOTIES will never flip my skirt, but clearly both Victoria and the model below disagree. She paired this with a light blue coat from pre-maternity times (here's a gallery), but the outfit was better without.
Oh, and when Victoria was asked whether Estelle wants a little sister or a little brother: "What she really wants is a hamster!" Don't we all, kid.