05 November 2015

Tiara Watch of the Day: November 5

Yesterday was the first day of Sweden's state visit from Tunisia, and it delivered everything I love to love about a Swedish state visit.

Thing I love #1: A fabulous arrival outfit on Crown Princess Victoria. I think we owe a thank you note to the person responsible for introducing Victoria to Seraphine, because this is another custom look and another hit. (Click here or here for more from the arrival, including a pretty sublime white on Queen Silvia.)

Thing I love #2: TIARAS, hello. Specifically the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure Tiara and the Baden Fringe Tiara, two of my favorite Swedish tiaras. (Perhaps my absolute favorite Swedish tiaras? Oh, I'm going to need to give this some thought. That's my Thursday to do list sorted.)

Thing I love #3: The endless sharing that goes on in the Swedish royal wardrobes. Especially maternity wardrobes, because why not get some extra use out of this stuff? Victoria's Tiffany Rose dress was previously worn by Princess Madeleine.
Tiffany Rose
But there is just one thing I am disappointed I didn't get to love: Princess Sofia wasn't there. I was wrong to assume that we'd see her second sash (and second tiara) appearance here, since it turns out she was in South Africa for her Project Playground charity instead. A cause she takes seriously, and good for her. As for us, our wait continues and our hopes grow even higher for the Nobel festivities in December.