10 December 2015

Open Post: The Nobel Prize Ceremony, and a Little Flashback

Be sure to check back later today for my post covering the first day of the Nobel Prize festivities! In the mean time, here's a place for those of you that want to watch the ceremony in Sweden live, or who want to chat otherwise about the day's events.

Update: The ceremonies are now over, but broadcasts can be streamed after the fact at the links below.

At Sweden's SVT channel: the Stockholm ceremony, and the full Nobel banquet.
(You may need to move the progress bar back to the start.)

While you're waiting, here's a mini Nobel flashback with something a little different: Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik joined King Carl Gustaf and Prince Bertil on the ceremony stage in 1975!
International royals occasionally attend if one of the laureates is from their country, and two physics laureates with Danish associations that year meant the Danish sovereign couple graced the ceremony with their presence. Such guests are usually seated in the audience, something we last saw when the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess of Luxembourg attended in 2011. But in 1975, one year before Queen Silvia and Princess Lilian made their Nobel debuts, I guess there was plenty of room on stage for a fellow Scandinavian monarch. That year was also the 75th anniversary of the Prizes, with a larger ceremony held at a different venue. Let the sideways jewel guessing game commence...