02 December 2015

Royal Flashback of the Day: December 2

It's about time the spirit of the season (Nobel season, obvs) brought us around to a certain signature Victoria look:
Nobel 2006
Crown Princess Victoria had already worn this Lars Wallin dress when she chose it for the Nobel Prize ceremony in 2006, but that main stage no doubt helped make it such a memorable look. The gown's embellished top provides interest, but the star of the show is the skirt of iridescent silk shimmering in hues of pink, red, and purple. She emphasized the purple in 2006 with the amethyst and diamond earrings from Queen Josephine's Amethyst Parure. As is only fitting for a signature look, she topped it with her signature Baden Fringe Tiara.
Previous appearance: 2005, in Monaco
Iridescent anything is a hard sell for me, and I go back and forth between thinking that the back is a bit much and loving that she added some interest to what is a simple shape from the front. But this look so typifies this era in Victoria's style for me - she was really into gowns with this basic idea (fitted bodice, scoop neck, thin straps, fuller skirt, often with a train) for a while there - that I can't help but admire it in a milestone kind of way.
Nobel 2006
And if you need any more convincing that this look is a signature for her, consider this: they made a Barbie doll modeled after Crown Princess Victoria, wearing the Barbie version of this very ensemble.

Photos: via Getty Images