16 December 2015

Year in Review: Queen Letizia's Best of 2015

I've gone back and forth and back and forth between two Letizia ensembles as serious contenders for her best of the year So, for the first and only time in this 2015 review, I'm calling it a tie. Two bests of the year for our Spanish queen:

2015 was the year of the CHOP! Queen Letizia took her sassy new haircut and used it as an excuse to play with her hairstyles even more. My first pick for her best of the year takes full advantage of that new 'do.
LIKE A BOSS. My love for a Little White Dress (little white skirt and Hugo Boss top, in this case) and my love for #TeamShades, united in one glorious ensemble. This one stood out as such a great example of the new hair, the trademark sleek silhouette, and the swagger she's using to redefine "dressing like a queen". A Peak Letizia moment, if you will, and I couldn't resist.

But! That same state visit gave us another moment that can't be ignored.
 At the Peru state banquet
That was Peak Letizia and this is Peak Cinderella, and you know there will always be love for that here. I love it when Felipe Varela thinks big, and I love it when Queen Letizia surprises me. Best #2 of 2, done.

With dual picks for my top spot, my honorable mentions list is very slim indeed:
  • She had a big tiara moment this year, but I'm going to focus on the dresses here and handle that one in our forthcoming tiara post.
  • So that leaves us with one sleek lady tux for the road.
What's your pick for Queen Letizia's Best of 2015?

Photos: via Getty Images and House of HM the King