18 January 2016

Royal Fashion Awards: King Harald's Silver Jubilee

The Silver Jubilee of King Harald V was in full festive swing in Norway over the weekend. January 17th marked the 25th anniversary of his accession to the throne, and the biggest events were held on Sunday. The Norwegian royal family was joined by King Harald's fellow Nordic monarchs for the fun (and for the fashion, of course).

First up: On Saturday evening, a private dinner was hosted at Skaugum, the home of Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, and their family.

Best in Whites, Evening Division
Queen Sonja
I've always liked this white dress on Sonja - because, well, I pretty much always love a white dress - but she really stands out in a serene fashion in this setting. And the setting of Skaugum's interiors will always catch my attention before anything else, truth be told.

Best in Gents
Crown Prince Haakon
The men, they wore tuxes. But is that a velvet jacket I spy on Haakon above? Any variety, even the teeniest little bit, in royal menswear is much appreciated. (See the whole group picture from the dinner here.)

Next up: Sunday began with a church service, attended by Queen Margrethe, King Carl Gustaf, and Queen Silvia, who were also in attendance at Saturday's dinner. You can watch the complete church service here.

Most Accessorized
Crown Princess Mette-Marit
With floral bits added on to both lapels and both sides of the ribbon she used as a headband, plus a ribbon to finish off her braid, I think this overall effect might be a little less cohesive than M-M was hoping for. Surprisingly distracting, actually, given that it's a simple look on the whole.
An extra accessory came with the event for everybody: King Harald's official Silver Jubilee Commemoration Medal, on a red ribbon, proudly sported by all throughout the day.

Best in White, Day Division
Queen Margrethe
This fur-trimmed Snow Queen ensemble was lovely when Margrethe wore it for her own jubilee, and now it's lovely that she brought a bit of her own jubilee with her to celebrate another.

Winter sports followed, as members of the family joined the sports festival that was held at the Palace Square in celebration of the jubilee. After that, the royal family walked to a gala performance. (The cold never bothered them anyway) (Sorry.)

Best in Winter Chic
Queen Sonja
I am all about this fur-trimmed cape and tall black boots on Sonja. All.About.It. Cozy and chic perfection. Did Sonja just earn herself a spot on my year-end best list? 2016 is still young...

Finally, another dinner. Nothing says jubilee like a real fancy meal, I guess.

Best in Group Coordination
The whole is greater than the sum of its parts here, you could say. That spare tablecloth Queen Silvia's been dragging around since the Nobels still hasn't come in handy, and any dress that makes me question the addition of a giant diamond floral brooch should question itself. Queen Margrethe's dress is standard, and Queen Sonja's is not my favorite deployment of this color. But together, two queens in navy flanking one in a magenta-y purple, it's a pretty picture indeed.
Mette-Marit got the navy memo too...and so did Haakon, looks like? I kinda love that.

Who makes your jubilee best dressed list?

Photos: via Getty Images, NRK screencaps