27 January 2016

Royal Outfits of the Day: January 27

We should check in with Princess Sofia, shouldn't we? Yes we should:

First of all, HUZZAH to the Swedes for making sure we get an official portrait in full tiara glory ASAP. These are the priorities, people.
Photo: Anna-Lena Ahlström, The Royal Court, Sweden
Princess Sofia's new portrait was clearly taken on the day the Swedish royal family hosted the King's Dinner for the Nobel Laureates in December, since she is wearing the same Zetterberg Couture dress with the same styling and accessories. Turns out that middle part tiara position looks a lot better when posed just so, and she looks gorgeous here.

In live action news, Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip attended the Swedish Sports Gala this week.
I heard a lot of rave reviews for this dress, and thus feel that my profoundly meh reaction means I must be missing something. (I did attempt to write October in the title of one of this week's entries, so, you know, I'm probably missing several things.)
Dress from Greta, earrings from Zara (per The World of Royals)
I'm going to blame this on the neckline of this blue dress. I'm not loving the dress shirt style, and the height of the collar (combined with the color) reminds me of that overly constricting blue dress Crown Princess Mary has used at the New Year's Courts. Meh. Et toi?

Photos: Kungahuset / Getty Images / Greta / Zara