06 January 2016

Royal Outfits of the Day: January 6

It's Court Dress Week, didya know? Celebrate appropriately!

In Denmark, the New Year's Court receptions continue on two consecutive days. These are events that require formal dress - long dresses, orders, gloves, etc. - but are held during the day, so tiaras are not worn. (Spain also gets in the action this week, and I intend to cover that and today's events in Denmark separately.) Two receptions were held yesterday in Denmark, with the Queen, Crown Prince, and Crown Princess present. Prince Henrik will no longer attend as part of his retirement.

Billed-Bladet video
This is Margrethe's uniform for these events, and she's worn nothing but this fur-trimmed blue ensemble from Jørgen Bender to these daytime receptions for several years now. She has hinted that the rich outfit she wore to Prince Joachim's first wedding might take over some day, so I guess I'll be crossing my fingers for another twelve months.

Billed-Bladet video
Mary, on the other hand, continued to bring the reuse intrigue. She repeated the white Birgit Hallstein gown she debuted at last year's evening New Year banquet, but without the original belt and the side fabric embellishment for now. In its place, a pale pink belt emphasizes the pale pink stone pendant on her large pearl necklace. (The pink stone was seen in 2014.)
The white dress at the Dutch state banquet last year 
She's on a run already, and you know I love it. Just so long as I pretend the coat she wore on arrival is really a fabulous cape instead of a regular coat draped over her shoulders, that is.