08 January 2016

Royal Outfits of the Day: January 8

I regret to inform you that Court Dress Week went out with a whimper.

The King and Queen of Spain suited up for Pascua Militar, a military ceremony, for which Queen Letizia will wear something with a floor-length skirt each year.
And this year's version is....fine? Serviceable and such, I suppose. It's from Felipe Varela, obviously. I think it's the jacket that I want to tweak the most. Maybe?
She doesn't know either.

Crown Princess Mary also brought the mehs on the third day of the New Year's Court receptions.
This blue dress - reportedly from Prada - was worn last year with a sparkly collar, which has been exchanged for a repeated pearl Marianne Dulong necklace. With these moody shades of blue and gray, maybe what we need here is the Midnight Tiara to bring some interest. (Okay, and then a totally different event, I suppose...)
Last year's appearance of the dress

Photos: via Getty Images, Twitter, Billed-Bladet video screencap