12 January 2016

Royal Repeat of the Day: January 12

When it comes to the all-time great royal repeaters (a group headed by the Princess Royal, naturally), I really don't think Queen Sonja gets enough recognition. King Harald will celebrate 25 years on the throne on January 17th, and his queen has some gowns that could celebrate jubilees of their own. There are many examples, from her repeat of the gown she wore on her first state visit to Denmark as queen in 1991 at Queen Margrethe's jubilee concert in 2012, to every single appearance of her famous Big Bird gown (soooo many, and still counting). Here's another:

1992: The silver wedding of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik in Denmark
Take some swishy fabric, add in some extra pleated texture, do something flowy in the arm region, and boom! You've got yourself a Sonja gown guaranteed to last at least a couple decades. Bonus points if it happens to be in a color that allows her to showcase another signature move, pairing Empress Jos├ęphine's Emerald Parure with whatever shade she pleases. No need for that overly matchy business here, no sir.

This coral version was still in good enough favor 18 years later to make the cut for one very important occasion:
2010: The wedding of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel
While her royal friends were out commissioning new frocks for one of the biggest royal weddings in this generation, Queen Sonja simply turned to an old friend, just like she would when she chose her favorite banana gown for Prince Carl Philip's wedding. Anything we've seen a bazillion times before will forever be a disappointment when it comes to major royal events, but even still, I'm coming around to these dresses. At the very least, they must be good for a twirl down the palace hallway, right? (If you have a palace hallway and you haven't twirled down it, you're not doing it right.) Or maybe she's just finally worn me down after all.

By the way, this gives us a look at another thing for which she doesn't get enough recognition: fancy tiara hair. Heart-shaped fancy tiara hair, no less!

Photos: via Getty Images