26 January 2016

Royal Sequins of the Day: January 26

A Máxima and Mathilde joint appearance without any matching? Without so much as a duplicate designer? Doesn't even seem right.
The King and Queen of the Belgians and the King and Queen of the Netherlands attended the opening concert for the Dutch presidency of the European Union Council on Friday.

But it does seem right that the one that stuck to their mutual fave - the ubiquitous Natan - was Queen Mathilde, and the one that showed up like multi-color Christmas lights in the night was Queen Máxima.
That's a compliment for Máx, by the way! She's the perfect candidate to pull off so much festivity. I might prefer a natural color on the legs for a bit of contrast, but that's a minor nit to pick. I'm liking Mathilde's dress too, so it was a good night for our double queen act.

The dress in retail and runway versions.
Queen Máxima's dress is from Nina Ricci. (She's all set for a designer match up with Queen Letizia when next they meet, I suppose.) You may recognize this dress from another red carpet appearance, as I did: Nicole Kidman gave it her own spin last year.

Photos: via Getty Images, VTM Screencap, MyTheresa, Vogue.com