10 January 2016

Sunday Tidbits for January 10: Birthday News and Jewelry Views

Getting right to it:

--Is it weird that I judge whether or not I'm willing to see a royal movie based on how good the jewelry reproductions look? Because Netflix released a look for its upcoming mega-budget dramatization of the life of Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown, and it seems they paid attention. I did enjoy their wishful thinking, pairing the Grand Duchess Vladimir Tiara with the necklace from Queen Alexandra's Wedding Parure. That's one I hope we'll see in real life some day (but, of course, hasn't yet happened and wouldn't have happened when this is set, because the necklace was with the Queen Mother). [YouTube]

--Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine turned five, and pictures taken by Crown Princess Mary were released.
HRH The Crown Princess/Kongehuset

--In other birthday news, Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg turned 95 and some of his friends from other royal families joined the family for a concert yesterday. [Luxarazzi]

--Queen Mathilde returned to action for a New Year's reception at the palace, among other events this week. It does amuse me that she picked a dress with basically two different halves for an event where she's primarily photographed from one side. Just mirror the layout for the next event, and you don't even have to change clothes. [Twitter]
Belgian Monarchy Twitter

--Princess Ashraf, twin sister of the late Shah of Iran, has died. [New York Times]

--Lovely reader gavin drew my attention to an interesting tiara belonging to the Countess of Tankerville (here, here, as a necklace here). It is, near as I can tell, identical to Sweden's Modern Fringe Tiara. The Swedish tiara is a relatively new addition to their collection, but its origins before that aren't known. It may have been an antique when acquired. The Wikipedia page for the Earl of Tankerville mentions the estate was broken up after his death. Very interesting indeed. [Lafayette]

--Queen Rania visited Downing Street to show us how to pep up Yet Another Black Coat with some intriguingly deployed cut outs, on this Christopher Kane model. (And, also, to talk about serious stuff.)

--And finally, it's been a big week at the Vault! I tackled the Greville bequest, one of the most intriguing portions of the late Queen Mother's jewelry collection, in two long parts (see here for part 1, and here for part 2). And then I covered one seriously magnificent emerald necklace that's just begging for a reappearance.