02 February 2016

Royal Flashback of the Day: February 2

Princess Beatrix turned 78 on January 31, which means it's time for a vintage fashion flashback! I've been looking at some of her Prinsjesdag outfits from the early 1960s (as one does), and there are some gems to be discussed. This is a time when the long dress + hat daytime dress code wasn't so rare, and it's nice to see outfits that are a little more day and a little less evening gowns on daytime duty.

1965, with Princess Margriet and Princess Christina
ANP - Ben Hansen / ANP Archief via Creative Commons
Also, there are the hats. This is...possibly furry with a big bow in the middle? I love it and its matching dress.

1964, with Princess Margriet
ANP - ANP Foundation / ANP Archief via Creative Commons
Speaking of furry. Now that's a hat, amirite? And just a taste of the signature big hat style that was to come later on, too.

But it's not just all about the hats. Early 1960s Prinsjesdag also delivers one of my all-time favorite Princess Beatrix outfits:
1961, with Princess Irene, Princess Margriet, and Princess Christina
ANP - Nfp / ANP Archief via Creative Commons
This is the sort of thing that I wish would reappear today, while also knowing that it (and that tricky tea length) might be best left to its time. But for a flashback, its pretty much perfection, no?