03 February 2016

Royal Jewel of the Day: Queen Alexandrine's Diamond and Sapphire Pendant Brooch

Princess Marie of Denmark - wife to Prince Joachim, daughter-in-law to Queen Margrethe, soon-to-be birthday girl (she turns 40 on February 6th!) - doesn't have too many jewels with royal family history behind them at her disposal. The tiara she has on loan from Queen Margrethe is the main one, and that's pretty much par for the course in the Danish royal family. But she does get to wear this brooch:
2015: Princess Marie wears the brooch during the Dutch state visit
The focus in this brooch is on the ring of diamonds and sapphires that alternate around the edge, but perhaps the most impressive part is the large diamond cluster at the center. The jewel also has a removable diamond drop pendant. It can be worn as a brooch, or on a chain as a pendant necklace; Princess Marie has worn it with both a delicate chain and a more substantial necklace (seen in the last picture here).
2007: Queen Margrethe wears the brooch, sans pendant, at the beginning of a Swedish state visit to Denmark
It dates back at least to Queen Alexandrine (1879-1952), wife of Christian X, and has passed down through the Danish royal family since then. Queen Margrethe was the last to use it before it was given or loaned to Princess Marie. Marie first wore it as a pendant to the New Year's gala banquet in 2010, so some have speculated that it was a present for the birth of Marie and Joachim's first child (much in the same way Queen Margrethe gave Crown Princess Mary an heirloom sapphire and diamond brooch after the birth of Prince Christian).
2015: Worn as a pendant during Queen Margrethe's birthday celebrations
Much as Mary uses her heirloom, Marie exercises restraint in the use of her brooch. She wears it mainly for gala events and occasionally for special day events. I suppose there's something to be said for holding them for special occasions, but that sparkle...well, I'd find it hard to resist on a daily basis.

Photos: via Getty Images