12 February 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: February 12

Is it possible to dislike a dress and to like it on a certain person at the same time?
Crown Princess Victoria attended the Global Change Award ceremony 
in Stockholm on Wednesday
Yes. The answer is apparently yes. Because this dress itself is a little bit hmmmm (an appreciable departure from solid lace dresses, sure, but just a lot to take in all together, especially with the major earrings), yet this dress on Victoria is basically mmhmmmm (oh, she's working it). If you see what I mean.
Model for Victoria's earrings, which are slightly different
The Global Change Award was started by the H&M Conscious Foundation, so naturally Victoria wore a dress, earrings, and clutch from the sustainable H&M Conscious Collection. She's actually giving us a special preview here, because the items created for her are based on a collection that won't be in stores until April. (It's good to be the Crown Princess sometimes.) Her navy dress is made of organic silk and organic cotton; her earrings include Denimite, which is a material made from - you guessed it - recycled denim. So, that a first.

Photos: via Getty Images, H&M