22 February 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: February 22

If Friday was devoted to my love of a good red coat, then Monday shall be devoted to my love of a good red dress.
Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, and Queen Silvia attended the formal gathering of the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts on Friday.
Perfect case in point, I think. Enough of the lacy/embroidery/etc. business to keep it interesting and keep it dressy, but not enough to bring on another bout of the dreaded Lace Fatigue Syndrome.
Reds are reallllly tough to match, so I was glad to see she went for the nude shoe. I wouldn't have objected to swapping out the red clutch too (because, hey, reds are reallllly tough to match), but that's an observation and not a complaint for this winning look. (Speaking of accessory colors, points to Queen Silvia for bringing some pep to her brown outfit with a multi-color scarf. Even if I do wish I could arrange it differently for her in that above shot.)