26 February 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: February 26

Well. It's a look, alright.
The King and Queen of Spain attended the opening of the ARCO contemporary art fair in Madrid yesterday.
Occasionally Letizia goes with the contemporary art flow for this annual engagement by selecting something a little more modern, maybe even edgy (by royal standards, at least). Apparently, the definition of "edgy" is now "leather culottes".
You know, noted appreciator of the cropped trouser + heels look that I am, there's probably a world in which I could get on board with this. But that world would have to come before you add in the complicated strappy shoes, the voluminous jacket, and the strictly business button-down. As Letizia wore it? Well. It's a look, alright.
Zippered leather culottes from Uterqüe

Photos: via Getty Images, Uterqüe