24 February 2016

Royal Wedding of the Day: February 24

Before we leave Princess Marie's birthday month, let's revisit her wedding gown. We covered it here a long time ago, and I think we're due for a refresh...

Marie Cavallier married Prince Joachim of Denmark on May 24, 2008 in Møgeltønder Church, wearing a couture gown designed by David Arasa and Claudio Morelli from the Arasa Morelli fashion house. Calais lace lined with ivory silk faille made in the Loire Valley (appropriate for this French bride) made up the body of her full skirted gown.

Her diamond floral tiara has since become very well known to us, but it was a little tough to make out that day, as the family heirloom faded into the background of her tulle and lace veil.

And that veil itself? It wasn't about to fade into any background - with a little help from the wind, it nearly went rogue on her, as you can see in the video above.

Marie was a gorgeous bride who could have pulled most dresses off, and she sailed right through in a gown that seems, well, made for sailing right through the checklist of must-haves for any royal bride. There's not a lot to object to here (my main quibble is the slightly low waist, which shortens her from some angles); it checks all the boxes you'd expect a royal wedding gown to check. In an odd way, that might just be why it never ended up as one of my favorites. Has it classic-ed itself right out of memorability? You be the judge.

Photos: via Getty Images