28 February 2016

Sunday Tidbits for February 28: More Skiing, More Sweden

It's the ski holiday time of year. It's also apparently the time of the year for Sweden to continue bringing the action, and I'm all for it.

--The Dutch royals were having a grand old time on their annual ski vacation, until Princess Alexia broke her leg while skiing. Her operation went well, thankfully, and she's on the mend. [Het Koninklijk Huis]

--While we're on the Dutch theme, Het Loo Palace will open an exhibition of Princess Beatrix's hats (titled Chapeaux!, which is excellent) in February 2017. You've got one year to plan your Dutch field trips, kids. [Palais Het Loo, h/t Royal Hats Blog]

--Here are some shots from the preview of the Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire auction at Sotheby's this week. I'll take that diamond heart and leave you with everything bug-related. [Zimbio]

--Sweden delivering again: Princess Estelle celebrated her 4th birthday with some new pics, and gorgeous new stamps were unveiled to celebrate King Carl Gustaf's 70th birthday and his upcoming 40th wedding anniversary with Queen Silvia. I also added a video to my favorite Tiara Watch of all time, in case you needed some more cute from Princess Madeleine's princess party. [Svensk Damtidning]
 Photos: Kate Gabor/Kungahuset.se

--Speaking of King Carl Gustaf's big upcoming birthday, the Royal Court announced a full program of events, April 25-30. This includes a concert, church service, and banquet on April 29 and 30. His 60th birthday was a big shebang with tiaras and international royal guests, so this is exciting news. (And if you think we won't be flashing back to that party between now and then...well, you must be new here.) [Royal Forums]

--BBC Two has your royal documentary for the week: Queen Victoria's Children in three episodes. [BBC]

--And finally, QEII got a new train line named after her, and she dressed to match it. It's purple, and it's all I've ever wanted. [Jewel Vault]