23 March 2016

Royal Audience of the Day: March 23

Hey kids, how about a fun family outing to see the Pope? The grand ducal family of Luxembourg showed up en masse (no, really: the Grand Duke and Grand Duchess, plus all five of their kids, plus three daughters-in-law, plus three grandkids) for an audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican on Monday.
Left to right: Prince Louis and his wife Princess Tessy, Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume and his wife Hereditary Grand Duchess Stéphanie, Grand Duke Henri (with Princes Noah and Gabriel - sons of Louis and Tessy - in front), Pope Francis (with Princess Amalia - daughter of Félix and Claire - in front), Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Prince Félix and his wife Princess Claire, Princess Alexandra, and Prince Sébastien. Whew.

Grand Duchess Maria Teresa has Benjamin Button-ed her way past her 60th birthday (which was Tuesday) in grand style.
Noted lover of great white outfits that I am, privilège du blanc - the exception from the typical Vatican dress code of black/dark dress for women visitors that allows select few Catholic royal ladies to wear white - is an easy win in my book. This sleek suit suits her anyway, as does her choice to leave off the veil this time around (perhaps that's one in her hand, just in case). Let's call this the Queen Letizia Strategy, and it is a winner.

We've talked about the general and ever-changing dress code protocol for Vatican visits several times in the past, for those curious: Pope Francis' inaugural mass, Queen Mathilde's first privilége du blanc appearance, Princess Charlene's latest, and the Swedish ladies in black.

Shall we throw a little flashback in the mix, too? The grand ducal family also gathered at the Vatican ten years ago, in 2006, when they were a slightly smaller unit:
Maria Teresa does indeed make those white outfits look good under any circumstance.

Photos: via Getty Images