28 March 2016

Royal Easter Outfits of the Day: March 28

Easter around this place means a check-in with the royal families of Spain and Britain, the two that make the most public parades to their respective Easter services. To the hats!

Okay, to the hats in a moment. First we have Easter mass in Palma de Mallorca with the King and Queen, Queen Sofia, the Princess of Asturias, and Infanta Sofia, and would you look at this Easter basket of a family? Queen Sofia would've had their bright spring color palette covered all by herself, but no, they all chipped in. Even King Felipe gave the dark navy and gray a break for the day. It's a good thing.

Okay, now to the hats! The hats attended Easter service at Windsor, bringing the usual assortment of royals along with them.
The Queen set a literal shining example in her daffodil coat with bright gold buttons and bright gold brooch (the Frosted Sunflower, one of her favorites). A carrot-clad Princess Royal rode with her parents in the car to church on this windy Easter day, a privilege I assume is afforded first to those at greatest risk of a flying hat disaster.

Carrying the bright color torch for the family members on foot were the Countess of Wessex and Autumn Phillips.
I'd scoop up that pink coat in a heartbeat, and while I have my quibbles about Sophie's coat/dress pairing, I definitely like both pieces individually.

Toning down the color a bit were Princess Eugenie, Lady Louise Windsor (sporting a horse charm necklace that must have made her granny smile), and Princess Beatrice.
I do love a belted coat. The soft pink of Eugenie's hat pushes her up next to Autumn Phillips as my dual Easter favorites. (I definitely just wrote duel Easter favorites, and now I think that's a movie I want to see.) Beatrice, though, is managing to do the trench coat + hat thing without looking like she's just in from the rain or just out from her latest detective drama (speaking of movies I want to see), and that's an achievement on its own. A solid Easter showing from the Windsors, don't you agree?

Photos: via Getty Images