04 March 2016

Royal Event of the Day: March 4

A Te Deum thanksgiving service was held yesterday to celebrate Prince Oscar's birth in the Royal Chapel at the Royal Palace of Stockholm. Most of the royal family was on hand - minus Crown Princess Victoria and her new son, obviously.

Everything's in order here, pretty much. Queen Silvia's doing her Silvia thing in a shade of blue that really works for her. Princess Madeleine's also doing her thing, with some added accessory interest in the form of a hefty necklace.

(As longtime readers know, SHOOTIES are never in order in my little world, but I'm liking the combo of Madeleine's jacket and necklace so much, I'll get over the footwear.)

Princess Sofia probably made the most Te Deum effort in a new dress by Ida Lanto, but I can't help but wish it was in a different fabric, something with a little more drape and a lot less creasing. On the bright side, her hair is excellent here, and it's a very pretty look overall.

And finally, with her purse in hand and her mini throne deployed once again, the new big sister was the star of the show. So like I said, everything's in order here.

For photo galleries, see here and here.

Photos: via Getty Images, Instagram