30 March 2016

Royal Flashback of the Day: March 30

When I dished out a healthy serving of praise to Queen Máxima earlier this month for elevating a simple gray pillbox hat with a trio of diamond pins, I knew it wasn't the first time she'd tried that trick. Another instance of this sneaky sparkle strategy brings us to one of my all-time favorite Máxima outfits, so, yay:

The (then-) Prince of Orange and Princess Máxima attended the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on April 29, 2011.
A lot of guests brought their sartorial A-game to William and Kate's wedding. Máxima is known for doing just that at all big occasions, as luck would have it, and she was at her best in this lovely lace Valentino top and skirt in a soft beige pink shade. She accessorized this outfit with a whole lot of diamonds.

That whole lot included a simple diamond rivière necklace, big diamond earrings, and five - FIVE - diamond star brooches riding along on the side of her Fabienne Delvigne hat. Those lucky Dutch royals have more than one set of diamond star brooches in their family collection; these are from the set that adorned the tiara Máxima wore on her own wedding day.
I'm not going to argue with more diamonds at any time of the day, obviously, but am I wrong that it doesn't seem overpowering here? The clothes are subtle enough to give the diamonds some space, and the diamonds add interest without taking over like some of her fashion jewelry might. It's a perfect outfit marriage.

Is this my All-Time Favorite Máxima Outfit: Non-Tiara Division? It's one of them, at least.

Photos: via Getty Images