02 March 2016

Royal Outfit Grab Bag of the Day: March 2

Coats and jackets and sweaters, oh my!

Princess Charlene (with Prince Jacques and Prince Albert) attended the 6th Sainte Devote Rugby Tournament over the weekend.
Is this a sweater, or a coat? (Why not both?) It's not often you find a garment that is both cozy and comes with built-in accommodation for your space suit control panel, right there on the cuff. I dig it.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited Antwerp province last week.
Royal Palace Twitter
This one has enough volume to wear your space suit right underneath, so that's handy.

Queen Letizia visited a children's hospital last week.
This happened a while ago - in a pre-leather culotte world - but this repeated embroidered Zara jacket is worth a chat. I see the logic in picking something bright and cheerful for a visit to a children's hospital. Also, it looks like something my second grade art teacher would have worn. (She was rather fond of dangly fish earrings, as I recall...)