15 March 2016

Royal Outfit of the Day: March 15

Yesterday, available members of the British royal family - the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Cambridges, Prince Harry, and the Duke of York this year - moseyed on over to Westminster Abbey for the annual Commonwealth Day service.
The Queen got her Commonwealth flair on via brooch, and you can check our her outfit and Australian brooch selection over at the Jewel Vault. The Duchess of Cambridge got her Commonwealth flair on (and her Lady Mary Crawley flair on) via coat. Canadian designer Erdem made this contribution to the Royal Coat Museum, and milliner John Boyd added a matching gray hat.
And there's your sartorial headline for the event: Kate wore a hat with a brim, oh my. As a fan of variety more than just about anything, I am bound to love the choice, but I also appreciate that she paired the strong lines of this coat with the simple, architectural silhouette of this chapeau.
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While I'd love to see the coat belted up in the future, it's a solid appearance just like so.

Photos: BBC screencaps, via Getty Images, Erdem