22 March 2016

Royal Races of the Day: March 22

We need to check back in with Zara Phillips and her Cheltenham Festival routine. Friends, I think she stuck the landing.

She started out with a matching purple ensemble on day one, then moved into matching navy pieces for day two with this understated outfit. Understated on its own and certainly understated when put next to what her mother wore with her own navy hat.
Why don't I have a purple Sherlock cape in my life, huh?

I'm sure several of you have already clutched your pearls at a coat above the knee, but I think the length gives her day three ensemble a mod look, and I love that style on Zara. Those giant feathers on her cap should come in handy to deal with any dissenters.

Gold Cup Day brought what I might have to name my gold cup outfit for the racing event. I'm most certainly here for an accent hat in a lovely teal shade (the Duchess of Cambridge has this same hat style in green; Royal Hats has a comparison), and with a cozy belted coat? Sign me up. Well played, Zara.

Photos: via Getty Images