14 March 2016

Royal State Visit Leftovers of the Day: March 14

Let's pick up where we left off with the Dutch state visit to France. This was day two, and it was groovy.

Your standard retro-ish Natan ensemble kicked things off for Queen Máxima, with a voluminous coat - one of those where it's a constant roll of the dice whether it will appear that the extra volume belongs to the coat or to you - and an expression that tells me she's already anticipating any Rodent Hat jokes I might make. Standard, all of it.

Standard in the day leaves you room for...uh, non-standard at night, I guess, when the couple hosted a return concert. Excuse me while I add another number to my MAX ONLY file.

I admire the determination to force at least one gown into this visit. Really, this Tom Ford dress (with its black velvet top, oh-so-groovy pink satin squiggles, and fringe bottom) manages to bridge the gap between the Dutch black tie and the less formal attire of some of their guests in a playful way, and that deserves some applause.

My only problem here is that I think a less traditional jewelry choice might have been more the ticket, and this is a problem because questioning ruby and diamond earrings and diamond rivière necklaces is causing me physical pain. I need to lie down.

Photos: via Getty Images, Lyst, MyTheresa