17 March 2016

Tiara Thursday: The Tiaras of Crown Princess Mary

An increase in the size of one's tiara collection calls for a review of said collection, don't you agree? One tiara retrospective, coming right up...

Crown Princess Mary is pretty orderly in the way she wears the tiaras at her disposal. The big gun Ruby Parure comes out for the annual New Year's Court banquet in Denmark - usually, the most formal event of the year - and then only for VIP occasions otherwise; next up is her Wedding Tiara, used for most other tiara occasions, like state banquets; and last is the modern Midnight Tiara, used mainly when a third tiara is required or sometimes for black tie events. Even her tiara usage at the last three Swedish royal weddings (pictured below) breaks down into an orderly ranking of sorts. Some say her tiara collection is too small - even though she has use of more than some of her peers - but she knows how to use them.

The first tiara she wore publicly, and her most important piece. Few in her position can say they have use of a tiara as historical as this one, or a parure as large and (thanks to Mary's own adjustments) as flexible.
Much flak has been given to this tiara on this blog due to its small size, but I have come to understand and respect the logic behind this gift from Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik: it's the polar opposite of the ruby set in almost every way, thus giving Mary maximum flexibility. She added the optional pearl enhancement in 2011. This tiara can be worn as a necklace, though I believe she's only done that once in public.

Mary doesn't own this tiara from Charlotte Lynggaard of the Ole Lynggaard firm, but she has exclusive use of it. It's the perfect solution for a modern diadem, and right in line with Mary's support of modern Danish jewelry design. This one has grown on me over the years, but it seems a bit tricky to style.

Mary's Diamond Necklace Tiara
And finally, the fourth option joins the collection. She seems to make an effort to leave the spotlight on her mother-in-law for big events, so premiering this as a necklace first (during an important event for Margrethe's birthday, but not the highest profile event of the celebrations) and then wearing it as a tiara first at a lower key event is classic Mary strategy. This would seem to "rank" the tiara right alongside the Wedding Tiara, but I'm looking forward to seeing how she uses it in the future.

What's your favorite Mary tiara?

Photos: via Getty Images, DR1 screencap, TV2 screencap