16 March 2016

Tiara Watch of the Day: March 16

Queen Margrethe hosted a gala dinner for art and culture last night, an event she's held a few times during her reign. (The last was in 2009, where Crown Princess Mary wore the purple Alexander McQueen dress we recently had cause to revisit.) It's black tie with tiaras because they love us, they really love us.

Queen Margrethe was looking very sassy n' swishy in her red birthday dress with the Baden Palmette Tiara and an array of diamonds.
Princess Benedikte and Princess Marie made a matching elegant pair in navy dresses with diamond floral tiaras and sapphire brooches. Benedikte wore her 18th Birthday Tiara, and Marie wore her standard Diamond Floral Tiara plus Queen Alexandrine's Diamond and Sapphire Pendant Brooch. Princess Benedikte's daughter, Princess Nathalie, was also present (in the peachy pink behind her, above); she attended as a guest instead of as a member of the royal family, opting out of a tiara.

Crown Princess Mary did as Crown Princess Mary is wont to do, and knocked it out of the park. The dress is Temperley London, one I must admit I've had my eye on for some time. (Remember that skirt Crown Princess Mette-Marit wore to Prince Carl Philip and Sofia's wedding? It's from the same collection as this dress.)
It's black tulle with a lining and lines of embroidered satin ribbon and hand-stitched grosgrain petals, dramatic up close and sweet from afar. I wondered if we might see it on the Duchess of Cambridge, actually - she does love a black Temperley dress - but I love the way Mary's used it here.

Anyway, the dress is maybe not what you want to talk about. Because, TIARA. Necklace tiara, specifically. When Mary showed up at one of Margrethe's birthday events in April 2015 wearing one heck of a diamond necklace...
...we all wondered if it could be worn as a tiara as well. I hoped 2016 would bring an answer to this pressing question, and it did! Oh, did it ever. We don't really know anything about this piece of jewelry other than what we can see right here, but an answer to the tiara question is a start.
Debuting it as a tiara at an event like this is a classic Mary move - really, debuting a newer tiara at a lower key event is a classic royal move, period, but I think this fits right in as a sub for her wedding tiara. I hope she uses this new addition to her tiara collection frequently. (And I do think a review of that newly embiggened collection is in order, so stay tuned.) This is turning out to be a banner royal month, isn't it?

More from the gala dinner:

Photos: DR1 screencap, via Getty Images, and Twitter