19 April 2016

Royal Birthday of the Week: April 19

Queen Margrethe celebrated her 76th birthday on Saturday, and if there's one thing we know, it's that Daisy loves her some birthday celebrations.
She also loves her this turquoise coat. She really, really loves it (and she just wore for the Mexican state visit). It does allow her to wear the turquoise earrings that were a past birthday gift from Prince Henrik, so. There you go. (You may also want to click here and see what the couple sported for a trip to the theater that evening. Nobody does Zbornak quite like our Daisy.)

Here's the full scene in front of the balcony, by the way. There's always a part of me that wonders if the camera will turn around and reveal, like, eight people on their way to lunch, clapping halfheartedly. (See video from the balcony appearance here.)

The rest of the family was on hand as always. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie on one balcony with Princes Nikolai, Felix, Henrik, and Princess Athena (poor Athena, just at the right height for the balcony railing to completely block her view this year)...

...and Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary, Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent, and Princess Josephine on the other balcony. This coat on Mary entirely livens up the rather plain outfit underneath. It holds the power to liven up a whole balcony of suits, even, while still not being brighter than Margrethe's turquoise. That's a good coat.
Magenta wool crepe coat from Goat, per StyleofMary

The Danish royal family also wrapped up their state visit from Mexico last week, including a visit with the First Lady for Mary and a return dinner with the whole family. I won't make you go cold turkey on Bhutan, and I won't make you go cold turkey on prints either.
This outfit is a repeat, and the skirt from Ganni somehow always looks better to me when seen on its own, rather than when worn. I still like it, but I'm pretty sure you'd want that to go the other way around.
See a gallery from the second day of the visit here.

Photos: Det Danske Kongehus video screencaps, StyleOutnet, via Getty Images, Ganni