28 April 2016

Royal Celebration of the Day: April 28

Birthday month, Part 87: King Willem-Alexander celebrated his birthday yesterday at Koningsdag, or King's Day, with all kinds of celebrations and markets across the Netherlands and all kinds of shenanigans. The royal family joined the festivities in Zwolle for the day.

The King and Queen with (left to right) Princesses Ariane, Alexia, and Amalia
Photo: RVD
Queen Máxima went playful and a little bit retro in a midi skirt with some swing in a vibrant floral print by Natan, topped by a pink twinset and a wide brim pale pink hat. Paint this in white or gray and I'd swear she stole it from Lady Sarah Chatto's closet - and that's not a comparison I ever thought I'd make.
But this is Máxima, and so the theme is hot pink instead, and all the better for it. Apparently it was rather cold out there, which is a shame, because the black wrap tossed on top kind of ruined the whole proportion thing she had going on. A queen's gotta do what a queen's gotta do, I guess.

They were joined by Willem-Alexander's cousins, the four sons of Princess Margriet with their respective wives. That's Princess Annette over there in the pretty floral coat, with Prince Bernhard, Prince Pieter-Christiaan, and fellow cardigan-lover Princess Anita to the right.

And wait, what's this?
Prince Constantijn, the King's brother, and wife Princess Laurentien
My favorite Missoni coat has found another royal model in Princess Laurentien, following in Crown Princess Mary's footsteps. It looks every bit as excellent here as it did there, just as I suspected it would look excellent on anyone. Let's make this the Sisterhood of the Traveling Coat, see who else we can get to wear it. I volunteer to go next.