25 April 2016

Royal Color Scheme of the Day: April 25

You remember our Seussical twins from last year, don't you? They're at it again. Well, sort of at it again.

Queen Máxima repeated her bright coral orange coat dress, this time pairing it with tan accessories.
King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima, and Princess Beatrix attended the presentation of the Four Freedoms Awards
I...think I miss the Seuss-ian plumes of blue?! This coat dress is practically neon, it can't be tamed by sedately colored accessories. I give the bright color award here to Princess Beatrix. (That is a diamond dragonfly brooch at Máxima's waist, I should add. I'm all for having some fun with brooch positions, but this seems a particularly swattable pose.)

Queen Mathilde held up her end of the bargain by continuing their original orange and blue color scheme.
King Philippe and Queen Mathilde opened the Ghent Flower Show
Royal Palace
And she followed through on the accessory flair for both of them (yes, that is one of their favorite head bandage hats, and there are orange gloves and an orange purse involved). I do prefer this balance of orange, says one who doesn't care for much orange to start with.

While we're on the Mathilde subject...
Queen Mathilde attended a concert celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Scala & Kolacny Brothers choir
Royal Palace
Oh yeah, this is a jumpsuit. I'd say I'm surprised to see this particular royal jumping on the jumpsuit train, but I should have seen it coming. Just when you think Mathilde's the predictable one...
Diane von Furstenberg jumpsuit, per ModeKoninginMathilde